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App doesn't even work

I have this app on my iphone and ipad, worx beautifully on the iphone but not at all on the ipad. This just started a few days ago, it was working just fine and now not at all. VERY frustrating as I am a HUGE nfl fan and it irritates me when I can't watch football

No Comcast

No Comcast on the list of providers and I can't sign in.


HORRIFICALLY bad, comes with a DETRIMENTAL glitch that causes outgoing phone calls to cost money.


This app is so bad They don't have my tv provider (optimum) And I watch NFL network all the time Plz fix

Doesn't work

Smh! I have frontier, and I have NFL network included in my package but once I sign in it won't open anything even though it says it's available. This app is trash

Comcast isnt listed!!!!!!

Comcast isnt listed but I have nfl network on comcast from my package. Please add Comcast to ur list.

no time warner probider

all crapy

App need work!!

This app freezes more than it actually works. In a 15 minute period, I saw 5 minutes of what I was actually trying to watch!

No comcast

Awfull!!! No comcast No comcast!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Xfinity/Comcast not listed

If I could give it zero stars. I would since Xfinity is not listed.

Comcast/ Xfinity

Where is it? Every other cable network and the crappiest are on there but Comcast isn't?

This app is awful. No comcast??

Seriously? Get your life together

App needs A LOT of work - FRUSTRATING to say the least!

While the idea of watching a live football game is wonderful, being ABLE to do so with this App would be even more wonderful. It's impossible to watch a game (like today's Baltimore @ Steelers Christmas Day game) without paused or completely broken connections, missed plays, having the commercials voices completely voicing over the game announcers call & on-field action, cutting to a commercial in the middle of a play, etc., etc., etc. What's the sense of the App if it doesn't even remotely work properly? For example, for those away from home like myself right now, trying to watch the game on my iPad or iPhone (with a solid internet signal) away from home where I'd otherwise be watching the game in my living room on DirecTV without frustration. The App needs MAJOR improvements. Very, very disappointed.

Access not granted

Getting message as FiOS customer that I can't access since I don't have access to the NFL network with my account but I do.


Be a lot cooler if you could

Time Warner - Spectrum

TW-Spectrum is not supported! The merger of billing systems isn't complete - I have no way to log in as I don't have a Charter-Spectrum ID.... l Ridiculous that I pay for a channel and you can't figure out the providers!!!!

App freezes every 15 minutes

The app freezes every 15 minutes when watching on iPad over wifi. The picture looks great when it works, but the constant freezing needs to be fixed.

No xfinity? Or Comcast???



I pay for the service, yet i cant get online version. Dumb

No Comcast

No Comcast. Ridiculous. You should be embarrassed to even publish this app.

Fios customers not authorized user

This update showing not authorized user which I been for years.

Doesn't work even with NFL network subscription

So I'm sitting here watching the game on NFL Network on my TV with Verizon FiOS. I download this app thinking I can now also watch games on my iPad when I'm away from home. I log in with my credentials and it tells me I need to be on one of two premium FiOS plans to get NFLN. Uhh, no. That information is incredibly outdated. I don't have either of those plans and I've watched it on my TV for months. My parents just signed on to FiOS and they also get it. Plus update your credentialing process.

No Comcast or Xfinity

Completely useless for those who pay for NFL Network on comcast


This is what happens when you make a deal with one specific carrier to grant them a monopoly on rights to your games (Direct TV, and yes it is a monopoly, which is why you can get Sunday Ticket on any provider outside the United States, the great land of the free limits freedom of consumers so a 'non profit' league can make billions). I follow a team that is never locally broadcasted. I pay my provider to access NFL Redzone as it is the only way to catch live glimpses of their games. My provider is not listed even though it offers and I subscribe to Redzone and the NFL network. So who is being more greedy here? The NFL or my cable provider? They both have a long history of being greedy. The NFL pretends to be a non profit and makes almost nothing but a profit for the owners of the teams. So I will go with the lying NFL as being the ultimate rip off here. Someday your fans will wake up and stop being so stupid by supporting your league (including me).

C'mon man!

Says that my cable provider does not provide nfl network...lies! Ch 310 time warner, I watch it all the what's the deal?

Add chromecast

All my other sports app have chromecast except this one. Please add.


Keeps crashing

No Time Warner Cable provider

Can't believe there is no option for TWC. Pay extra for the NFL Network and red zone on this cable provider and can't log into the app. Add this provider already.


I'm over you

Why not xfinity stilll?????

Why am I paying for it on my xfinity act but it's not listed? Last review complaining about this was from 2015 and it still isn't listed??? Your kidding me...

Why no Comcast

No Comcast Xfinity even though they have redzone.

TV Subcriber not listed

I currently use Comcast as a TV and internet provider. I also have these channels as part of my channel lineup. Being that Comcast is a bigger company it should be made available to this app so I can watch NFL on the go.

Should be called NFL Freeze

This app is unwatchable. It constantly freezes, even though I have the fastest internet speed I can get. Too bad.

Comcast Xfinity not available

Can get C/X on TV, but not listed on app???

Not for chord cutters.

You need a cable provider to use this app.

Comcast not listed ?

How is a juggernaut company like Comcast not listed as one of the available providers ? That's weird.

Xfinity? Comcast?

Seriously?!? How can you not have either of these as a provider. Time Warner isn't out here in WA but I'm sure those customers are frustrated too. Heck, I can't even properly rate the app since I can't get past the provider list. Garbage.

30-45 sec delay is annoying

App works great on my iPad with Fios. However it's not live. It's about 30-40 seconds behind live tv. I watch this for fantasy football purposes and the delay is annoying when I get notifications from my phone of scores well before it plays thru on app. Can you guys get an actual live stream? It would be 5 stars if so

No chromecast support.

Garbage basically

Typical NFL

If zero stars were an option... One more example where I cannot watch what I want when I want without paying an arm and a leg!

Bright house networks

I'm a Bright House subscriber and I have NFL network and redzone but Brighthouse not listed..

Offer TWC

Offer this to Time-Warner customers!!!


Coon Valley Cable can use this, Comcast cannot. Boo. Boo NFL Testaburger, boo.

What a joke

No Comcast Xfinity? Still? It's been years....

Just downloaded but it won't list any providers.

I went to open the app for the first time and it won't list any providers whatsoever. Does that mean my provider isn't listed? I'm using xfinity.

No providers show up for login



Why is ComcastXfinity, one of the largest cable companies in the country, not a provider you can use with this app?! That has to change!

No providers listed

Open the app and the first screen that come up says "choose your provider". Zero providers are listed though! None. On Sunday of course.

No Xfinity

I have nfl network. No access. Greed never ends. Not sure which party is to blame here - either way - I lose - ridiculous.

Time Warner

Time Warner is not a cable provider listed. I have their channel on the cable listing so the reason you say is not on the list is invalid. Why are they not there?

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