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App is not working

What’s wrong with this APP? Is it not compatible with the new iOS 11 update? It used to work fine, not it won’t load properly.

Won’t work!

Now for three weeks my app will not work at all, especially on Sunday. It does not make any sense because it used too. I used to delete the app and re download the app and then it worked fine. Now... nothing. It is now. 8:16 pm on sun 10/22 and the app is still down. It’s not my WiFi either. All my other apps work. Get with it nfl geeks and make this right!

Complete Garbage

Video lags constantly even with my 150mbps connection. NFL has enough dough to put out a quality app but they don’t. If I had different way to watch red zone I would pay double just to avoid this pile of steaming horse crap.

Slow and choppy

Impossible to watch redzone

Updated and still doesn’t work

I downloaded the newest update and the NLF network app still doesn’t work. Cannot watch video content even after logging into my provider account. I just wanna watch some football news on my phone!! Come on NFL network! Get it together

Not Consistent

I have Verizon Fios NFL Network in my package. One week I can NFL Network next week it’s the Red Zone. I don’t have Red Zone in my package. I would like NFL Network to work all the time not sometimes.

Never works when you want to watch

This app needs major fixing. It is hit and miss. You never know if you will be able to use it.

What happened

Work fine until the latest update. Frustrating.

Picture in picture stopped working

I hope this can be fixed. It just started after iOS 11 update

Not living up to potential

The app needs a UI overhaul at this point, the current is barely stable with glitches and bugs in abundance. At the very least the developers could upgrade the video player with the iOS 11 toolkit made available to them. But until they decide to care, the WatchESPN app will continue to beat this one even with its own subpar performance.


Where is the Comcast/Xfinity provider option? You have every other provider but not the largest one in the Country?

App thinks I am outside the US

This app is terrible. Could only watch NFL Redzone up until last Sunday. Now it automatically defaults to an “Exit App” window saying the app is only available in the US, Antigua, Bermuda etc etc I am in the US effin’ A!!

App is not working

I am unable to stream since the September 28th update. Please fix!!!

Don’t work any

Work for one week only

Want money back

It's horrible

This is a worthless App

Can’t login using my Verizon FIOS credentials. Using iPad or iphone. You would think that a billion dollar business like the NFL would have higher standards for quality than this. This is bush league

This is app is now obsolete

Doesn’t work, good job ruining this..!

Can be very frustrating

About 50% of the time the screen to watch live programming doesn't appear and I don't know why!! Like today in fact. When it does it works great. Please fix this issue. I'm missing GMFB!

Please fix

This app worked perfectly until this morning. I like to watch the highlights on Monday mornings while on the treadmill. The app would and still doesn’t work.

Recent Update Unusable

After the recent update the app will not stream on ANY of my devices.

bug in app

hi for some odd reason app won’t work on my phone 😑

Frustrating user experience

This app is really bad. Total piece of junk. Nothing works. The update messed up the one thing that actually was working. Save yourself some frustration & don't install this.

App broken

Latest update makes it so I am just staring at a pause screen with the triangle to press play. Reinstalled and re-signed in with the same issues. First two weeks of the season were AWESOME with this app, now I can’t see any football while away from home. Thanks nfl... for setting my expectations once again.


No Comcast / Xfinity option.

Doesn’t work

We have Playstation Vue, which is a supported provider. Works for all my other apps, but this one? Nope. It logs in fine. Just doesn’t do anything after that. Press play, nothing. No navigation menu aside from a my account tab.

Provider sign-in

When I sign in with my provider, app does not retain info. Settings say I'm signed in to (null). Keeps me from accessing content.

Red zone?

This app never works, why so bad? No red zone channel even with cable log in, makes no sense and has nothing when you load. Get it together

App doesn’t work

Since the iOS 11 update the watch NFL app is not working. Please update the app

Not working

I installed this app 2 days ago, and have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times to no avail! It comes up after proper login, but when I hit 'play ', absolutely nothing happens. It stays on that same screen no matter what I click on.

F the NFL

Boycott if you value your country. Screw the crybaby millionaires that disrespect the people that gave their lives to preserve their freedom.

No go

Boycott nfl

Literally nothing to see here

Stick with sports, apps and technology is obviously not your thing. Oh and stay out of politics too, as that isn’t your expertise either. Too many hits to the head to think straight. Cancelling 💩💩💩NFL.

Where's Comcast Xfinity?

There are over 100 providers and Comcast, which is one of the most popular in the nation, isn't there. I have Comcast and yet I have the package on my TV

No Xfinity?

Since there is no xfinity. I can't use this. If you have xfinity. It's a pointless app

Does not support Comcast xfinity

I can only give the app 1 star because it is useless to users with Comcast. Please get Comcast to support this app...

Terrible. Had to uninstall

This is the worst app I've ever installed.


Can't believe how bad this is


I have Comcast and nfl network and red zone are a part of my lineup because but this app it and online doesn't list Comcast or xfinity

Not working after new ios 11 update

Can’t login from my iPhone 7 plus 11.0 Was working ok before the update. Please fix it.


Why isn’t Comcast supported? They offer NFL network and RedZone.

No Casting Available

No app that offers live streaming should be without casting capability. Deleting it immediately. That is all

Wish I could give it zero

Terrible app that doesn't allow me to watch.


Can't even login (via Fios) Don't waste your time.


There is NO clear process designed in the app to get a customer TO where they want to go within the App. CANNOT get to NFL Redzone at all ! Do NOT waste your time or energy with this. Do not make your Carpal Tunnel worse either!

Cant sign in

I cant even sign into the app

Needs work...

OK, so it took nearly ten minutes for the login screen to appear so I could actually input my email and password. Many other apps (like HBO) use the TV/cable provider app to authenticate your subscription credentials, so you don't have to put them in all of these separate apps. Credentials are good, but before the stream launches, I need to sit through 2-3 minutes of commercials. Fine, I guess. Get to the game. It's 3rd down, so I watch one play and then a punt...and more commercials. This is a NFL game, so I'm conditioned to commercials on commercials. Game comes back (after the same commercials I've seen 4 times in 15 minutes) and it's already 2nd down. A minute or two later, it's the two minute warning. Mike Tirico says "back in 30 seconds," which I laughed, because it was already 3rd down when the game returned from the same 4 ads they had been running all night. I understand the need for commercials. I do. But when they cut into the actual live product I'd like to watch, then I have issues.

No cast

No cast

No Chromecast Support

No excuse for not having chromecast support. I just don't get it.. Apple really needs to allow zero stars reviews. --- Still no Chromecast support. You guys are horrible.


Terrible! Unable to watch live games that are up to date.

Doesn't work

Worse app ever. When I attempt to log in via my DirecTV password it keeps saying incorrect password. I have gone to other apps that use this log in to verify my info is correct. Works fine on all those app, just won't work on this one. Absolutely no where to go to get assistance. BTW, for those of you who keep picking on it for not accepting Comcast/Xfinity, that has nothing to do with this app. Comcast/Xfinity has to do the work to get included. They won't which is why I now use DirecTV instead of Comcast.

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