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Comcast support? Please??

I’d love to give an accurate review, but I can’t because there’s no support for Comcast Xfinity.

Crap Service

Garbage service and you can’t watch any of the games in your area.

It’s time

It’s time for you guys to step it up and make streaming to chrome cast and other devices available


Absolutely crap I have RedZone with my monthly cable subscription and I can’t access it what a joke everyone stay away they don’t know what their doing!

No Support for Chromecast

I wish it had support for Chromecast

Please keep app up while games are still bring played.

As long as there are games being played, why would you shut the app off at 8 PM ET? Given OT games might last until 8:15 or 8:30 PM, and it’s the most crucial time of the game, why would you shut the app and excitement off? :-/

No Xfinity??

I pay for nfl red zone through xfinity, however it is not listed in this app. In fact it says this means I must not have access to NFL red zone through my tv subscription, which is blatantly false considering I watch it every Sunday lol. Something that he NFL clearly doesn’t care to fix either since there are reviews from a year ago stating this same issue. Too bad.

Doesn’t work

Can’t even login. I get a full (useless) stack trace of the error when I try.

Horrible App

This app doesn’t do anything it’s suppose to. Customer service is terrible. What a waste of money.

No Comcast/Xfinity

My provider isn’t listed but other wise it works fine for free games from nfl network. Wish they could fix to where Comcast Xfinity is on the provider list so I could watch redzone what I pay for

Still no update..

It's a new NFL Season and they still haven't updated the app to take advantage of the full screen on the iPhone X and now XS/XS Max 😡

Network options are limited at best

I can’t even sign on because Comcast/Xfinity is not listed as a network provider! How is that even possible? It is one of the biggest cable providers in the country

Always have to delete

When the app works it’s great but when it doesn’t it’s horrible. Always have to delete and re download it just for it to work properly.

Doesn’t let me watch the games

This app just shows commercials. THAT’S IT. It doesn’t let you watch the game whatsoever. Horrible app, not worth your time.


Worst app never. Never works!!!!


Does not list my cable provider although I actually do have NFL network from my cable provider (Comcast Xfinity) How ridiculous it is that after so many years the NFL can't provide a fully-functioning app.

No updates in a year

Looks like trash on new iPhones. Update would be nice it's only been a year, no rush.

Why can’t I cast

Login was easy and smooth, but this is the only streaming app I have that doesn’t let me cast to a smart tv or chrome cast. BUMMER

NFL is Pathetic

Go through the trouble of getting the app and I can’t watch it with Spectrum? Pathetic

Ridiculous No Spectrum TIme Warner

Pay all that money for cable and NFL channel and no Spectrum TW?

Direct TV login

Logging in with Direct TV is impossible. Missed the game. Also doesn't work with Xfinity

App doesn’t show

App doesn’t show my cable provider, although I’m watching it on my laptop


I have the NFL NETWORK but neither Comcast nor Xfinity is a choice in your extremely long list of names. Some of which sound like mom n pop corner stores but yet giants like Comcast and Xfinity are not listed. By the sound of 90% of the reviews I guess I’m not missing much.

This app is just pathetic

Honestly don’t waste your time. Just so bad. UX design is super weak and half the time you won’t be able to stream the game that you want. Embarrassing...

Zero stars...seriously?

I have a cable TV subscription that includes the NFL Network and I’m trying to view the NFL game that’s currently on... In. My. House. I have access to the game, just not through my set top box, but this app is telling me I’m not authorized to view this content? You know what isn’t authorized? The NFL Network app.

Can’t cast

Please allow chromecasting. It’s pointless on my tiny phone.

Doesn’t work

This app is crap. It doesn’t work.


App falsely advertises NFL Redzone works


This is such a gross excuse for an app. Has absolutely no value.

Terrible. No support

Did not work. No way to get support. If u go to provider they blame nfl. But no way to find support through nfl. Will cancel.

App is trash

Don’t waste your time. Doesn’t work.


I buy redzone so I can watch redzone. Doesn’t stream in the app. Garbage.

Red zone doesn’t work

Bunch of garbage. Red zone doesn’t stream.

App Disappoints!

My cable television provides access, my internet browser provides access, however the app WILL NOT let me view my RedZone subscription. Disappointed!!!!!!

Red Zone

Red zone feature is Not working

Piece of Junk

Won’t even allow a login

No Xfinity

I don’t understand why don’t you have a major cable provider as a choice to sign in.

Bad playback. No red zone?

When I try to watch the red zone it just never loads. The NFL network page works ok but not great. Audio cuts between clear and very unclear. The app struggles on WiFi and network.

Red zone

RedZone is not working in the app!!!!! Just keeps loading!!

No Comcast/xfinity?!

How can you not have one of the largest providers not listed? This has become the shortest lived app on my phone.

Horrible save yourself the trouble!

App is horrible the sign in process is way too long in addition to logging in you not able to stream the games. NFL RedZone will not even load and your just starring at a loading screen for hours.


Might work... Might not


The app works great however when you like really wanna the Redzone it never stops load and I’ve experienced this issue 4 times now

NFL RedZone does not stream

0 stars. The only reason to have this app is to stream NFL RedZone. Sunday 9/16 2pm ET, After signing in with cable provider it just spins Loading.... for hours. Nothing there. Useless.

Lolz no Comcast

No Comcast!? This makes me want to kneel during the anthem

What time do you think it is?

Says it only works after 1pm Eastern during the regular season. It’s 1:15.

Please fix the app already

How many people does it take to tell you to fix the app everyone is actually telling you problems with the app but know one is listening on the other side the people who are to fix this app aren't even reading the reviews to help them out. Its been almost a year since the last update i see some apps getting updates and fixes once a month and even once a week but the app the is so popular the people that are to be reading and fixing app aren't doing there job either fire the people not doing there job And hire some people that will do there job and fix the NFL Network App please. Its real easy if you just listen to the many people on here even telling you whats wrong with the app if the person or people that are to be fixing the app aren’t then hire someone or some people and get someone or some people who cares enough to do the job and let them fix the NFL Network application Thank you

No More NFL

I’m not watching NFL ever again, as the players and league have shown their true colors. NFL is bad for America.


App is very frustrating to use. It keeps hanging up and the only way I can get it restarted is to actually uninstall it and reinstall. Then you have to log in all over again. Logging in is not a quick process as the remember me check box doesn’t work. Re-entering username and password and passing security test a headache. I’ve seen more traffic lights, crosswalks and cars than touchdowns tonight.

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